colourpop first impressions


I’m going to launch right into this post, as it’s a long one.


Colourpop. The name is zingy, fun to say, and screams at you from far away. The indie makeup brand has gathered a cult following due to its bouncy powder eye shadows and highlighters and Kylie-esque matte lipsticks.

Intrigued by the fact that I could get a Lip Kit dupe for 6 dollars, I traversed the Colourpop website and found a few interesting products.

A week and a half later, a glittery logo-emblazoned package arrived for me in the mailbox. It even came a day earlier than expected. That doesn’t seem like much, but it does add up immensely when you are a beauty junkie like mwah.


My order consisted of (from left to right) one Super Shock Cheek highlighter (Dream Catcher), a Crème Gel Liner (Swerve), an Ultra-Matte Lip (Bianca), and an Ultra-Satin lip (Botanical). My search for poppy, beautiful colours ended with Colourpop.

I’m going to break down each and every one of the things I bought.

HIGHLIGHTER: This highlighter is a golden coppery shade that looks AMAZING and brings out a lot of colour upon my pale, pale skin. It hits the light just right and isn’t too sparkly. The consistency is strange, but absolutely divine. It’s bouncy. Like, literally bouncy. While it is a powder, it transfers like a cream. It’s best applied using your fingers, and then blending out with a synthetic brush. Absolutely beautiful.

LINER: This liner is a basic black, but I’d been looking for something like it for a while. It’s perfect for drawing cat eyes or tightlining, and works very well. It’s not unlike some other liners I’ve tried, but it glides on smoother than others.

ULTRA MATTE: It’s almost an exact dupe for the brown Kylie Lip Kit. You must be quick about putting in on, though. It’ll dry faster than you can say “Colourpop”. The colour is darker than pictured on the website, and is more brown than purple, but still works with my tone. Pleasantly surprised by the actual colour.

ULTRA SATIN: This colour also differs a bit from the website. It’s more orange than pink in real life, but very beautiful and gives a good colour payoff. It is also matte, but more of a velvety finish and not as heavy.


It’s recommended you exfoliate and be sure to moisturize your lips before and after using the lipsticks.

Appreciate my swatches, because These. Don’t. Come. Off. At. All.

At all.

They’re stuck to your lips like tar, and though they stay put and look amazing, one mistake is very hard to remove.

Other than that, the lip products are amazing as are the others. I’m looking forward to grabbing up some more products soon!

As far as customer service is concerned, Colourpop really loves their customers. Shipping takes a LONG time, though, and you can’t expect your items until about a week later. However, the products were packaged very well with care, and it was shipped speedily from Los Angeles.

I ordered May 2nd, it shipped May 10th, and arrived May 12th. That was a total of just 11 days, so not that shabby! I’m so excited to use these products. They’re very cheap, but GREAT quality.

You can also get 5 dollars off your order by signing up through email! Easy, right?

Ever heard of Colourpop?

♥, Mali

all views expressed in this post are my own. I was not sponsored in any way to create this post or buy these products.



trends 2 try|spring-summer 2016

Before I start, I’d like to apologize for my hiatus. I posted a notification post, but it did not post to the blog. I took about three weeks off for myself, because school, orchestra, and golf have been taking up most if not all of my time. I’m going to try to post more, since I have a trip coming up that I’ll need to schedule posts for. Thank you for understanding. I’d also like to note that I’m always accepting collaborations! Whether you want me on your blog or vice versa, please contact me at

Hi guys! Happy International Tom Hanks Day. It’s April! Spring has rolled around, but in my part of the country it doesn’t feel like it at the moment.

Hooray for golf tournaments in freezing weather.

I’ve been obsessed with this website lately called Byrdie. It’s literally a godsend. I visit it almost every day to look at their posts, which include fitness, beauty, and health. It is amazing. A girl in my class actually started washing her hair the way the website tells you to, and there was a big difference. I encourage all of you to do the same {looking at YOU, LIV.} and visit them! They also report on trends going on in the beauty world, and I thought I’d explain these trends. Take a quick look at my Pinterest, and you’ll see why.


Mud and Sheet Masks

Masks! I’ve been trying them left and right, with a peel-off extraction from Clearskin, and two mudmasks from Avon and Formula 10.0.6. There are millions of these, from radiance boosting to ance fighting. There’s a huge selection of sheet masks at Sephora, and you can find virtually anything online. My favourites have charcoal and strawberries, to name a few.

Dewy Glow

Confession: I’m addicted to highlighting my face. Nose, Cupid’s bow, cheekbones, eyebrow bone. All of those places NEED glow. You can achieve a natural glow with a cream, powder, or liquid highlighter from Benefit, Hourglass, NYX, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Rosy Hair

Rose gold, copper, dusty pink, all of those need to be incorporated into hair this year. It looks amazing streaked through platinum locks, or as an easy ombre on darker hair.

Microdermabrasion “Microrolling”

Many dermatologists have sworn their clients’ success stories to microrolling, which is literally rolling tiny needles over your face to tone, sculpt, and rejuvenate.

Cushion Makeup

Another Korean trend that made its way into the U.S., cushion makeup is like liquid foundation, but airy and more dewy. It gives a blurred coverage similar to BB Creams.

These are just a few trends. What are you dying to try?

♥, Mali

spring skin and face haul



I’m happy to say I’m feeling much better and I went out to the store and bought things. I’m pretty sure I’m broke now. I’m that person who as soon as they get money, they spend it. Luckily I still live under my parents’ roof, so no worries there… for now.



I took a trip to the local Ulta to pick up some products I’d wanted to try for a while, and came out with four products that are really exciting. I love that feeling when you can’t wait to try a new product!!


First up are the face products! I finally bought the NYX Wonder Stick, which on one end is a highlighter (I swatched it and it is literally AMAZING) and the other is a contour (also amazing)! I’m excited to use it, and it’s also very large, so lots of product. The next was the L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation (mouthful blah) in 101, Light Ivory, because I’m a pale ghost. It claims to last 24 hours… we’ll have to see!


I picked up this blending sponge from Real Techniques on a whim. I’m not sure, but it may be a possible dupe for a Beautyblender. I’ll have to see. I also grabbed this Formula 10.0.6 strawberry-yarrow mud mask for my oily and bumpy skin, yay.

Have you bought any interesting products lately? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be reviewing all of these products in later posts!

♥, Mali


products i’d like to try | spring 2016

Hey everyone! I’m sick, so if there is a wealth of information about these products I forgot to mention, please bear with me as I’m tried and forgetful today.

Most of you reading really, really love makeup. Good news: so do I! I’ve curated this list of products that I’d like to try, most of them being skincare and beauty, as well as makeup brushes and tools. Bear in mind that this is a long post {I’ve said bear about three times now in this post, WTH?}!, and that the pictures come from the brand’s website.


So I haven’t really hopped on the contour train, but dewy highlights and defined cheekbones are so amazing for spring! This Nyx Wonderstick seems really great for “drawing” on cheekbones.

Velvet Matte Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30

I actually don’t wear foundation {that’s not odd at allllll} and sort of want to start? I don’t know. I’ve heard amazing things about the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint.

Highlight and shimmer! The thought crosses my mind… “will it work on pale skin?” This is the Stila All Over Shimmer Duo.


I was browsing a mark. catalogue and saw this eyeliner. I’ve been looking for a liquid eyeliner that’s gold {yay for Mali, wearing something other than black and brown!} for a while, and I think this one wins.

Thankfully I was blessed with nice eyelashes… IF I curl them. I would like to try some false lashes for the fun of it. Amanda Steele really loves the Ardell Demi Wispies, and I trust her, so… yeah.


Okay, so who DOESN’T rave about ABH Brow Pomade? I have dark eyebrows, but they look way more fleek if I fill them in. Right now I’m using Maybelline Made in Mocha eyeshadow to fill them in, but I need some of that.


Matte! Liquid! Lipstick! Nude! I need this ABH Liquid Lipstick ASAP. It’s a lighter nude for springtime.

AH! Halsey is one of my favourite singer/songwriters EVER and I just… agH! I need this like ASAP. I really don’t care what it looks like on me, I just… need it! This is MAC Cosmetics.

Sometimes the best products can be super simple. My friend Liv wears this and raved about it…like, three times in one day. {Sorry Liv.} There are loads of flavours, too. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, yay!


Dark Angels

Okay, so Lush’s Dark Angels cleanser has roaring reviews from people with oily, acne prone skin. I really need this to get rid of my blackhead villages, as I call them. It’s made with activated charcoal and black sugar!

So this really intrigued me when I first heard of it. It’s a cleanser that melts off your makeup. Rad, isn’t it? It’s from Glossier and Is the Milky Jelly cleanser.

Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask

I’ve been so fascinated with Herbivore Botanicals lately. I really need to try this out- it’s made with pink clay and is apparently a great exfoliator.


So there you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you’ve tried any of these products, please let me know!

♥, Mali



smashbox be legendary gloss in coraline | review

It hit me today that I haven’t done a review in a long time. This is supposed to be a beauty blog!! I really want to post and curate more beauty products, which is why I will hopefully be signing up for ipsy in the near future.


For Christmas, I received a 50 dollar gift card to Sephora, which is literally GOLD. I actually signed up to become a Beauty Insider, so when any offers roll around, I’ll be the first to know!

My first purchase was a lip gloss from Smashbox. I’ve heard amazing things about their powder, but wanted to try a lip product. I sampled it in-store and it was awesome. I’ve never had a formula so smooth!


The colour is Coraline- an easy-going, casual coral that goes on almost clear. It’s beautiful on pale skin, and almost anyone could pull it off!


One thing I look for in a lip gloss is that it’s not sticky. This one glides on easily in one coat and does not stick! It is literally perfect.


If you’ve never tried Smashbox, it’s sold at Ulta and Sephora as well as Amazon! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a lightweight, no-makeup look lip gloss.

♥, Mali

NOTE: All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own. I was not endorsed in any way for this post. 

lush – the almighty wishlist



No. You must’ve heard of it. Tell me you know what it is.

If you’re not familiar with LUSH, an amazing, vegan, handmade cosmetics brand, please visit their site or meander into one of their many stores. LUSH operates off of good vibes, love, and fun. I’ve never actually been to a Lush store {there was one in Toronto but I didn’t go, oops} but I know enough to know that they are amazing. I’ve compiled a wish list of things that I really need from there. Hopefully, I can buy myself a little something {kidding, a lot of big things} to try out their products!


Butterball Bath Bomb

Vanilla and cocoa butter


D’Fluff Shaving Cream

Strawberries and egg whites

Ocean Salt - Self Preserving

Ocean Salt Cleanser

Vodka and coconut

Dark Angels

Dark Angels Cleanser

Black sugar and charcoal

Is there anything you’ve gotten from the list above from LUSH? If so, please review it below, I’d love your opinion! 🙂

♥, Mali

inspired look: rey {star wars: the force awakens}

Hello all!

A few weeks ago I started watching all of the Star Wars movies, mostly because my family had wanted to go see the newest installment, The Force Awakens. I was not a very big fan of the movies, but I watched all of them and the storylines are amazing and I LOVE STAR WARS NOW AHHH except for jar jar binks. The newest movie follows Rey, a scavenger, as she unearths the secrets of the Force and along with a few new friends, wages war against the evil Kylo Ren. This movie was awesome and I encourage anyone who loves Star Wars to go see it if you haven’t already.

I fell in love with Rey’s character from the start and I adore all of the aspects of her looks: minimal makeup, freckles, and her signature hairstyle, three little buns.

I tried to recreate this look, and I think it turned out quite well!


Rey SW Hairstyle

For the buns, I divided my hair {which I chopped, by the way, more on that soon} into three sections, starting at the top. I created a ponytail and then pulled the hair halfway through to make a loop. I did the same for the other sections and pulled a few chunks out for a messy look. Use black or brown elastics for the best look, or tan ones if you have light hair.

Rey SW Makeup 2Rey SW Makeup 1

I did very minimal makeup for this look. For my eyes, I dusted on a tiny bit of the Maybelline eyeshadow in Made in Mocha and a little bit on my eyebrows as well. I then curled my eyelashes and brushed my brows a little bit for a messy, imperfect look. For my lips, I simply applied some EOS lip balm and pinched them a bit to bring some colour into them.


It’s a fairly easy look that takes no time whatsoever. I’m contemplating wearing this style to school and making a fool of myself.

May the Force be with you!

♥, Mali

my winter skin routine


We all have those days: our skin gets super oily, and we try to mellow it out with exfoliators and acne busters. Then, it’s desert-dry. Am I right, combination skinned people?

Lucky for all of you, I have a great routine that won’t wreak havoc on your skin and brings out your radiant shine.


salicylic acne treatment



oil-free & waterbased


Vaseline Lip Therapy

cocoa butter formula

soft lips overnight


skin toner

doesn’t over-dry


♥, Mali


d.i.y. rose water

Hello loves! I’m back from my break and I hope you all had a wonderful week.

On Thursday our town had a very big freeze. It’s not a surprise, as we had been expecting it for days. My cousins’ car door even got frozen- so there was obviously no plans to travel anywhere. However, there was one thing I had wanted to do before the freeze- and I’m glad I did.

A few weeks ago, my rose bushes were still flourishing (it’s amazing and terrifying at how fast the cold can swoop in) and there were lots of healthy buds. One by one they bloomed, and they didn’t stand a chance. I was there first to pluck and wash the petals. Why? Well, I had found a wonderful thing called rose water.


Rose water is used as a facial toner- and it works like a charm. It’s quite easy to whip it up, really. All one must do is wash the rose petals (use organic or home grown roses without pesticides) and set them in a jar of water for about an hour. Then, strain them and empty your water into a glass jar or spray bottle.


Rose water is very beneficial for the face- it hydrates and evens the skin tone, and it’s incredibly gentle. The water lasts for about a week, so keep it refrigerated to reach maximum freshness.

♥, Mali

october favourites 2015 | feat. maybelline + rimmel london

Happy November! I can’t believe October is gone! Next thing you know, I’ll be raving about Christmas.

I have never done a favourites post (or have I? Is this considered one?) so I thought I’d start now, haha. Here are some of my favourites from October!

Featured Image -- 426

I was featured on the lovely Karen’s blog this past month, and you can read all about it here!

Autumn Colours 2

I’m loving all of these autumnal nail colours, featuring Avon, Wet n Wild, and Essie. Post here.


I added another eye shadow to my collection. This time it was the Maybelline Expert Wear single! Review here.


Eek! I love this lipstick, courtesy of Kate Moss for Rimmel London. Review here.

Music ♥ this month:

BADLANDS by Halsey: I just discovered Halsey, and as an alternative lover, her album is perfect. Tracks include Colors, Castle, Drive, and more.

HELLO by Adele: Adele Adele Adeleeeeee!

RENEGADES by X Ambassadors: I love this song! It’s really autumn-ish.

HOTLINE BLING by Drake: Sorry, not sorry. This song is so catchy, people. It deserves a spot on here.

What have you been loving this past month?

♥, Mali