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who are you?

yo dawg i’m madli, indie singer-songwriter and beauty lover from the south.

what’s up with your name?

it’s a combination of my real name and means in nordic ‘she who rises above.’

what kind of phone do you have?

samsung galaxy core prime. lol.

what camera do you use?

i use a canon rebel. ts1 or something like that. it’s all professional haha.

what do you look like?

i’m tall, pale, freckly, blue eyes, and i’m a brunette. if kylie jenner and bella hadid had a love child, it would be me. at least that’s what everyone says.

what’s your favourite feature?

my eyebrows and lips. ❤

least favourite?

stomach. need to go work out. i have a teeny little flab and it needs to leave.

fave sbux drink?

iced skinny white choco mocha with caramel drizzle and no whip. i also like the matcha frap.

what do you love most about beauty?

the diversity! you can go from a sultry red lip to a fun, weird metallic silver in a matter of moments. i love everything the beauty industry comes up with. so much personality.

fave youtubers/bloggers?

Amanda Steele, okaysage, Jenn Im, Michelle Phan, annnnnnnnnd Ryan Higa because i need to laugh more.

music taste?

love chill indie like lapsley, synthy pop like momomoyouth, weirdo stuff from twentyonepilots, my own music, and pretty much anything taylor swift and adele.

what instruments do you play?

violin, guitar, ukulele, viola, and i can also play piano but not very well.