kate moss for rimmel london lipstick in 107 | review

Happy Halloween! I hope you all have a great night and stay safe. I’ll post pictures of my costume tomorrow morning. 🙂

♫ I caved, I caved, I really really caved. ♫

I was scoping around Missamrunaway’s awesome blog a few days ago and found her review on the Lasting Finish by Kate Moss for Rimmel London lipstick in 107, an amazing wine/berry shade. (that was a mounthful, bleh) Let me just say, it looked beautiful on her and I had to buy it. We have the same paler-than-pale skin tone, so she’s my guinea pig when it comes to lip products. Fast-forward to now, as I’m writing this, I have that colour on my lips! Eee!



I really love the packaging! I am a very clumsy and non-observant person, so I sometimes mistake my nude lipstick for my berry because of the packaging. This one is a vibrant red and has Kate Moss’ signature on it, which I loveeeee. Overall the packaging is great.



(My mother has painted a pumpkin. I love pumpkins. I took a picture of the lipstick, with the pumpkin.)

The colour is called 107. It’s a deep, vibrant berry shade and looks AMAZING. May I also say, it smells like strawberries or melon or something awesome. The lipstick goes great with my skin tone (pale aka ghost) and can be layered for an intense or subtle look.



(My pale ghost hand and my trying-to-be-photogenic smirk. by Mali)

I love this lipstick! It’s vivid, rich, and smooth. It has a satiny finish and doesn’t dry out my lips that much. It could be more moisturizing, but its colour makes up for it. Love it.


This lipstick is gold, and has made its way to my a-list beauty products list. It is very vivid and is a perfect autumnal shade. I will certainly be wearing this a lot this autumn and winter.


♥, Mali


8 thoughts on “kate moss for rimmel london lipstick in 107 | review

  1. Ooh I’m after a wearable, not too intense red for winter and that looks nice. Been wearing ‘Rosetto’ from that range all year, lovely pinky nude but might pop this into my basket next time I’m in Boots!


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